Friday, September 10, 2004

Forged??? Not by MS Word anyway!

[UPDATE 2]: CBS will address this issue. Thank God.

[UPDATE 3]: "Expert" takes back forgery claim, others agree "no evidence of forgery"

From AP:
Independent document examiner Sandra Ramsey Lines said the memos looked like they had been produced on a computer using Microsoft Word software. Lines, a document expert and fellow of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences, pointed to a superscript — a smaller, raised "th" in "111th Fighter Interceptor Squadron" — as evidence indicating forgery.

Microsoft Word automatically inserts superscripts in the same style as the two on the memos obtained by CBS, she said.

"I'm virtually certain these were computer generated," Lines said after reviewing copies of the documents at her office in Paradise Valley, Ariz. She produced a nearly identical document using her computer's Microsoft Word software.

This whole excercise is a joke!

Forget all this stuff below.
Just answer this:
WHERE are the White House Documents that DISPROVE all these allegations?
WHERE are the WH Documents that PROVE Bush fulfilled his service?

As suggested here and here the superscript "th" was not automatically or even manually applied by MS Word. You would have had to increase the offset much much more than the default settings.

Below is superscripting of "th" in Times New Roman and Times, with both automatic superscripting and manual superscripting.

Compare with the document from CBS news:

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Not to mention the narrow top loop of the "8" in the CBS doc and the slightly lowered bottom of the "7."
Why are we even talking about this? Who are these "experts"????

[UPDATE] I take back the "th" thing. When you print it out, the "th" is similarly raised... I did it on a laser printer.
Not, however true for the "7" and "8", in MS Times NR font, when printed the 8-top loop is wide, and the 7 stem does not dip below the baseline and has a hook (near the "8") which the CBS doc does not have.

This is crazy, what a waste of time!


SCOTT said...

These are experts that do work for the RNC, post of the "Free Republic", and want desperately for the rest of the public to think that Dear Leader was forged from pure gold.

Anonymous said...

Why would a '7' be designed with a baseline dip? Answer: it wouldn't -- these are FAX artifacts.

The evidence that these are not documents produced in 72-73 is overwhelming. Sadly, the left blogosphere is getting itself into trouble by arguing to the contrary, which is exactly what Rove et. al. want. The real story is that there is plenty of other evidence that Bush went AWOL twice, and that Bobby Hodges has vouched for the accuracy of the content of these letters, and Ben Barnes has acknowledged that he helped get Bush into the Nat. Guard (and the evidence that Bush didn't get in fairly was already overwhelming).

Although the docs were not produced in 72-73, they may well be copies of docs that were, rather than being forgeries. See
for an analysis.